Records and Records Holders

Mankeshi receiving player of the tournament trophy
Mankeshi receiving player of the tournament trophy

Record and Record Holders of Cricket Association of Blinds are as follows:

,S.NThe first onesEventsDatesRecord Holders
1First national Blind Cricket Tournament19th -24th March 2007Pulchowk engineering college, Lalitpur
2First regional Blind Cricket Tournament4-6th Oct 2007Pokhara
3First Inter-club tournament4-6th Aug 2007Laboratory school, Kritipur, Kathmandu
4First Blind women Cricket Tournament11-13th April 2009Chitwan
5First Full term ChairmanMajor Pawan Ghimire
6First regional tournament winnerKathmandu Blind Cricket Team
7First National tournament winnerKritipur Blind Cricket Club
8First Century in national level103 against Bhaktapur in First national BlindCricket TournamentKritan Shrestha Duwal
9First Century in International level102 against Ishlamabad2008 MarchKaushal Raymajhi
10First  fourAgainst Bhaktapur in first n.tBikram Bahadur Rana
 11First national team captainKritan Shrestha Duwal
 12First national team captain[female]Miss Bhagwati  Bhattarai
 13Highest four in one match11 fours Against Banke blind women cricket team in third blind women cricket tournament31stJan 2010Miss  Mankeshi Choudhary
 14Highest Scorer in International match126 Against Lahore16thMarch, 2008Bikram Bdr Rana
 15First inter-club tournament winnerBhaktapur Blind Cricket Team
 16 The first world cup participation 1st T20 blind cricket  world cup   2012
17 The highest scorer in the world cup from Nepal 2nd T20  blind cricket world cup 2017, India Padam Badela

[211 not out against Newzealand

18 Highest scorer in international match by a woman player Nep-Pk  blind women  international cricket  match,  29th Jan- 4th Feb, 2019 Miss Mankeshi Choudhary

[ 82 not out]

19 1st  international victory by the women’s team Nep-U.K friendship international  blind women cricket series, 27-29th Nov, 2014  Against U.K’s blind women cricket team by 3-0
20 1st participation in one day world cup Fifth one day  blind cricket world cup 10th-22nd Jan, 2018, Pakistan and U.A.E



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